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Submitting A Crash Report Manu…
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Last modified on 11/9/2013 1:04 PM by User.


Submitting A Crash Report Manually

If you would like to submit a crash report to Brainspawn but are unable to use the automatic submission feature, here is what you can do:

If the Forte Crash Submission Dialog Appears

1. In the crash dialog, locate the two files it offers to submit on your local hard disk. These will be in your temporary files folder.
2. ZIP those two file together (it doesn't matter what name you give the ZIP file)
4. Click on the top link "Did your application just crash?"
5. Choose the ZIP file you just created
6. Click Upload
...and you are finished!

If the Forte Crash Submission Dialog does NOT appear, but the UI just fades to white and hangs with a generic crash message

For anyone experiencing a crash that is not reportable via the the normal Forte crash dump submission dialog. Would you please:
To turn on local crash dumps. Follow the linked instructions to turn on Local Dumps.
Now when Forte dies, there should be a file in your C:\Users\mgarrett\AppData\Local\CrashDumps folder called "forte.exe.<somenumber>.dmp. Please email that DMP and reference this thread in your email.
Be sure also to indicate exactly which forte build (build # and 64 vs 32 and producer vs. performer) you are using.